GPS/RTK tests

The final results

GPS tests The plot to the left shows how the robot follows the test path at different speeds.


The offset is due to deviation on the compass and can be reduced by finding a better location for the compass, where it is not disturbed by magnetic fields from motors etc., by making a deviation table and using a less sensitive control strategy.


On the video (gps_rtk.m1v) it can be seen that the vehicle follows its own tracks better than what can be seen on the plots. A big part of the deviations are due to errors on tilt and compass measurements.


It will with further development of controllers and reduction of noise in future projects be possible to steer the vehicle very precisely.

For further information, we will refer to the report.

The first tests

The first tests with RTK/GPS can be seen on the figures below and on video. GPS Test

Test with 0.4 m/s with different gains for the proportional position controller. Below the lower right corner is shown in detail.

Zoom on the corner

Updated: 17-2-01