Video sequences

Test results

The vehicle in the field

File: DTUplatform.wmv [3.7 Mb]

Driving in a beet field with a Cropscan sensor on the front. 
(this file requires version 7 of Windows media player)

In the field

RTK/GPS test

File: gps_rtk.mpg [8.0 Mb]

RTK/GPS basestation and a test where the robot follows the waypoints seen on the figures on page: RTK/GPS tests.

GPS/RTK test

Driving sideways

File: sideways.mpg [17.2 Mb]

With 4-WD and 4-WS the vehicle is very flexible.


High Speed with GPS/RTK

File:high_speed_gpsrtk.mpg [21.1 Mb]

The robot can drive up to 1.6 m/s with RTK/GPS, but are marginally stable.

High speed

Tests during the development

Showing the first tests of the vehicle

File: assembly.mpg [4.5 Mb]

First indoor test

The first ride without screen

File: indoor_test.mpg [5.4 Mb]

The controllers are not tuned yet. Overshoot can be seen.

First ride indoor

The first outdoor test

File: first_outdoor_test.mpg [11.2 Mb]

Out to get a feeling of the performance in the field. The motor controller needs to be tuned. On firm ground vibrations of the GPS antenna can be seen. Testing the climbing performance 2 drive motor fuses blew, because we only had 10 A per motor. The recommended fuses are 30 A.

First outdoor test

Calibration of the compass

File: compass_calibration.mpg [6.4 Mb]

The compass is calibrated by driving the vehicle slowly in a circle with changing roll and tilt.

Calibration of the compass

Setting up the base station

File: basestation.mpg [18.1 Mb]

To get high precision it is necessary with a reference on the ground.

Setting up the basestation

Updated 27.6.2001